How To Build Muscle Mass in 8 Easy Steps

Trying to build mass can be difficult at most times. People may not know the right ways to have well-built mass is through diet, weight lifting or allowing enough recovery time.

Shortcuts to mass gains may not be adequate because the process is not easy and it takes time. In bodybuilding sports, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that muscle mass is the spark that attracts the crowd. This is because it defines the anatomy of a bodybuilder.

Increase you muscle mass

Find out the effective ways to increases muscle mass in 8 ways.

But before that, you should know that three main factors determine mass building:

  • Type of diet
  • Hardcore workouts
  • Healthy supplements

Make fish a priority in your diet.

Fish supply the body with omega 3s- essential fatty acids. These fatty acids increase the sensitivity of the muscles to insulin hence encouraging the storage of glycogen as well as infiltration of amino acids into the muscles.

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Avoid aerobic exercises

Aerobics are meant for quick weight losses and therefore have to contravene repercussions on building mass. They use up stored fats to produce body energy hence interfering with muscle building.

Take a lot of Sodium

This is how sodium increases muscle mass: It enhances the storage of glucose, improves absorption of amino acids, and increases the receptivity of muscles to insulin. Sources of sodium include table salts, baking powder, cured meat, canned foods, bacon, frozen dinners, beets, milk, etc.

Explosive weightlifting techniques

Lift weights to build muscleThe amount of muscle built during bench pressing is equivalent to the force applied. For that matter, to increase your muscle mass, lift weights with the fastest possible speed to generate more force.

Increase calories intake

High-calorie diet provides the body with proper amounts of nitrogen. This should be done for three consecutive days in a week and then hold on for several days. This is enough to stimulate abrupt muscle growth while at the same time preventing fat build-up.

Take sufficient rest

Rest periods increase anabolism and facilitate hormonal balances in the body. Many people fail to add muscle mass because of too much exercising without periods of recovery.

Incorporate supplements in your diet

The primary muscle building supplements are creatine and glutamine. Creatine is responsible for mass growth while glutamine boosts the immunity of the muscles.

Eat more than four times per day

The process of anabolism requires a lot of calories for energy. To increase chances of nutrients absorption, you should eat as many times as possible both during the day and night.